View Source Astarte Datasource Plugin for Grafana

Astarte Datasource Plugin conveys data from Astarte to Grafana, the open-source platform for monitoring and observability, developed by Grafana Labs. Actual data visualisation is provided by Grafana via its plugins.

You can browse the source code of this plugin on its GitHub repository.

Sample Grafana dashboard


Try it!

When deploying locally using docker-compose as mentioned in the Astarte in 5 mins tutorial, Astarte Datasource Plugin will be automatically installed. You may then access Grafana by visiting http://grafana.astarte.localhost.

When first logging into Grafana, you will be prompted to change default credentials user admin, password: admin.


Configure the datasource

In order to get data from Astarte, you will need to create a new datasource referring to your own Astarte instance.

Add a Grafana Datasource

You will need to provide Astarte API URLs, the realm name and Astarte AppEngine token.

Datasource configuration fields

Save the configuration by clicking on Save & Test


Setting up a graph

After successfully configuring your datasources, you will be able to select them as a source for your graph as depicted below.

Configure a device query

You will then be able to choose which device and interface data should be retrieved from.


Data manipulation

Grafana offers data-aggregation features, for more information check the official Grafana documentation