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This documentation page describes a development version, for production systems please use the stable version instead.

Astarte is a collection of components written in Elixir meant to orchestrate and pilot a number of 3rd party components. These components include:

  • One or more ingresses (the most popular implementation being an MQTT broker)
  • An AMQP broker for handling messages and queues between Astarte's services
  • A Cassandra-like Database for ingesting and retrieving data (currently Cassandra and ScyllaDB are both supported)

These components are never directly exposed to Astarte's end user, who requires no knowledge whatsoever of the mentioned frameworks - they are rather orchestrated and managed directly by Astarte's services. It is, however, responsability of Astarte's administrators to make sure these services are made available the way they are meant to.

For more details on this topic and, in general, on how to deal with Astarte's installation and maintenance, please refer to the Administrator Guide.