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Astarte is a Native Kubernetes application, and as such Kubernetes is a hard requirement. It is possible to run Astarte outside Kubernetes, although a number of features won't be available - these setups are outside the scope of this document.


Kubernetes Requirements

Astarte requires at least Kubernetes 1.19, and strives to be compatible with all newer Kubernetes versions. It is advised to consult Astarte Operator's compatibility matrix in the README to ensure a specific Kubernetes setup is supported.

The Astarte Operator does not require any unstable feature gate in Kubernetes 1.19, and is actively tested against KinD and major Managed Kubernetes installations on various Cloud Providers.



Astarte Operator requires cert-manager to enable Webhooks. This documentation will detail all needed steps for installing cert-manager in the cluster in case it's not installed yet.


Resource Requirements

Depending on the kind of setup, Astarte might require different resource configurations when it comes to nodes. In addition, if one is planning on a redundant setup, a minimum of 3 physical nodes is required.

To spin up a testing instance you should allocate at least 4 vCPU and 8GB of memory just for Astarte. Please keep in mind that additional applications running within the cluster and the Kubernetes overhead itself must be accounted when sizing your Astarte cluster.