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Astarte Kubernetes Operator runs and manages an Astarte Cluster in a Kubernetes Cluster. It is meant to work on any Managed Kubernetes installation, and leverages a number of Kubernetes features to ensure Astarte runs as smooth as possible. It also handles upgrades, monitoring, and more.

This guide is meant for System Administrators who need to deal with Astarte clusters installation, maintenance and upgrade. The guide will cover prerequisites, installation in different supported environments, and common maintenance operations.

Astarte Operator is the foundation of any Astarte installation, and you can find more information about it in the following sections.

Before you begin, it is fundamental you are familiar with Astarte's architecture, design and concepts, especially for what concerns its components and 3rd party services.


Compatibility Matrix

Astarte Operator VersionAstarte VersionKubernetes Version
v1.0.0v0.11 - v1.0v1.19+
v1.0.xv0.11 - v1.0v1.19+

Note: starting from Kubernetes 1.22, the AstarteVoyagerIngress resource is not supported anymore.