Known issues

This page collects some notable issues which affect Astarte v1.0. This is by no means an exhaustive list and you should also check Github issues to see if your problem is already covered there.

Realm deletion

Astarte v1.0 introduces the possibility of deleting a Realm, but currently devices which have a valid certificate are not disconnected from the Realm. The issue is tracked here.

Since publishing with devices on unexisting realms can cause problems (namely: RabbitMQ data queues filling up) which can also impact devices on other realms, a realm should be deleted only after ensuring that no devices are connected to it.

Due to the problems that realm deletion can cause, currently the feature must be explicitly enabled with a feature gate, i.e. by adding

    realmDeletion: true

to the Astarte Custom Resource (which maps to setting the HOUSEKEEPING_ENABLE_REALM_DELETION environment variable to true in the astarte_housekeeping container).

We also encourage avoiding to recreate realms with the same name to avoid having devices from the old realm reconnecting back to the new one.

Group permissions

Currently Astarte authorization mechanism doesn't allow permissions on groups with a device granularity. Specifically there's no way to authorize a user to add only specific devices to a group. The issue is tracked here.

This means that right now the best way to allow users to add or remove devices from a group they have access to is to provide a backend which is able to perform the necessary authorization checks and then performs the necessary additions/removals, while the user only has a read access to the group resource.

In the long term a minor semantic change is going to employed, therefore currently we discourage emitting long living tokens which allow a non-root user to manage groups (i.e. create and modify them) since the current tokens could become incompatible with future changes.

Ghost connected devices

In some circumstances, prior to Astarte v1.0, a device might be mistakenly reported as connected. This bug has been fixed in v1.0, however this bug may still affect devices that have connected last time while using v0.11 (prior to the upgrade to v1.0). This issue is likely to happen when upgrading to v1.0 since it might be caused by VerneMQ shutdown. A device reconnection fixes this issue, and the connection state will always be reliably reported.