Managing Groups

Devices can be divided in groups to provide group-specific access to the APIs.

The examples below will use astartectl but you can achieve the same results using AppEngine API.

Reserved group prefixes

Some prefixes are reserved for internal use. It's not possible to create groups with a name starting with the ~ and @ characters.

Creating a group

You can create a group with astartectl with this command

astartectl appengine groups create mygroup <device_identifier>,<device_identifier>

device_identifier can be a Device ID or an Alias, and you can put multiple devices by separating them with a comma.

You can check the group was created by listing groups in your realm

astartectl appengine groups list

Adding or removing a device to/from a group

Once you created a group, you can add or remove devices from it.

To add a device, use:

astartectl appengine groups devices add <device_identifier>

To remove a device, use:

astartectl appengine groups devices remove <device_identifier>

Keep in mind that a group exists as long as it has at least one device in it, so if you remove the last device from a group, the group will cease to exist.

You can always check which devices are in a group with:

astartectl appengine groups devices list

Accessing Devices in a group with Astarte AppEngine API

Once a device is in a group, you can access to its data on this URL:


The hierarchy is exactly the same that is found under


which is documented here, but this makes it possible to emit a JWT that only allows access to devices belonging to a specific group.