Device errors

This page details the errors that can affect a device while it's sending data. The user can monitor device errors by installing a device trigger on device_error or checking the Devices tab in the Astarte Dashboard. The same errors are also provided as log messages on Data Updater Plant.


The device is trying to write on a server owned interface. The device can only push data on device owned interfaces.


The interface name received in the message is invalid.


The path received in the message is invalid. This might happen when a path does not have a valid path format or it's not a valid UTF-8 string.


The path received in the message can't be found in the interface mappings. This could be the result of the device having a more recent version of the inteface than the one installed in the realm or an interface with the same name and version but different contents.


The target interface was not found in the database. Usually this means the interface is not installed in the realm, but the error can also derive from the database being temporarily unavailable.


The path received in the message can't be mapped univocally on a mapping. This is often the result of an incomplete path.


The payload of the message can't be decoded as BSON.


The value of the message does not have the expected type (e.g. the mapping expects a string value but an integer value was received instead).


The value of the message exceeds the maximum size of its type. The size limitations of the types are documented here.


An object aggregated value with an unexpected key was received.


The introspection sent from the device can't be parsed correctly. The introspection format is documented here.


The device sent a message on an unhandled control path. The supported control paths are detailed in the protocol documentation.


Data Updater Plant failed to push data towards the device. This could result from the device being currently offline and not having a persistent session on the MQTT broker or from the device not having all the MQTT subscriptions required by the Astarte protocol


Data Updater Plant failed to resend the properties of an interface. This could result from the device declaring a uninstalled properties interface in its introspection right before an emptyCache.


The empty cache operation for a device failed. This could result from a temporary database failure.