Installing Astarte Operator

The most simple and common installation procedure exploits the Astarte Operator's Helm chart.

Helm is intended to be used as the operator's lifecycle management tool, thus make sure you are ready with a working Helm installation.

Please, before starting with the Operator's install procedure make sure that any prerequisite has been satisfied.


Installing the Operator is as simple as

$ helm repo add astarte
$ helm repo update
$ helm install astarte-operator astarte/astarte-operator -n kube-system

This command will take care of installing all needed components for the Operator to run. This includes all the RBAC roles, Custom Resource Definitions, Webhooks, and the Operator itself.

You can use the --version switch to specify a version to install. When not specified, the latest stable version will be installed instead.

Upgrading the Operator

The procedure for upgrading the Operator depends on the version of the Operator you want to upgrade from. Please refer to the Upgrade Guide section that fits your needs.

Uninstalling the Operator

WARNING - Understanding the consequences of the uninstall procedure is fundamental to avoid catastrophic aftermaths. Please read carefully this section to understand how the uninstall procedure may impact your Astarte instance.

Be aware that the following statements hold:

  1. the Astarte's CRDs are installed and handled by the Operator's Helm chart;
  2. uninstalling the Operator causes the Astarte's CRDs to be marked for deletion;
  3. the deletion of CRDs leads to the destruction of all the Kubernetes instances of the CRDs (i.e. Astarte will be destroyed).

The Advanced Operations section outlines all the relevant information to handle your Astarte instance when uninstalling the Operator, explains how to recover your Astarte instance and highlights in a more exhaustive way what's happening under the hood.

To uninstall the Operator, use the dedicated helm uninstall command. This operation is responsible for the deletion of both RBACs and the Operator's deployment itself. Moreover, all the CRDs installed by the Operator's Helm chart are marked for deletion.

$ helm uninstall astarte-operator -n kube-system

So, what should you expect after uninstalling the Operator?

After executing the helm uninstall command your Operator's deployment will be destroyed, along with the AstarteVoyagerIngress and Flow CRDs and resources (when they exist). Both the Astarte CRD and its instance will not be immediately destroyed as their deletion is allowed after the Astarte finalizer is executed. Please refer to the Advanced Operations section to learn how to handle your Astarte instance and how to restore its functionalities.