Upgrade v0.10-v0.11

The upgrade procedure for both Astarte and Astarte Operator v0.10 is handled by astartectl, which is the tool to be employed to upgrade from v0.10 to v0.11.

Upgrade Astarte Operator

To upgrade the Operator, use the dedicated upgrade-operator command:

astartectl cluster upgrade-operator

This command upgrades the Operator to the last v0.11.x version available. However, for specific and non-standard use cases, the --version switch is provided to allow the user to specify the version to upgrade to.

We highly encourage you to follow the standard approach and to land to the last v0.11.x version available.

Upgrade Astarte

To upgrade Astarte use the dedicated command:

astartectl cluster instances upgrade <your-astarte-release-name>

The command upgrades your Astarte instance to the last 0.11.x version available. The Astarte version to upgrade to can be set by the user. Please, see astartectl cluster instances upgrade --help for further details.

Unless you have specific reasons, it is highly recommended upgrading Astarte to the last 0.11 version available.