Astarte.Flow.Blocks.DynamicVirtualDevicePool (astarte_flow v0.1.0)

This is a consumer block that takes data from incoming Messages and publishes it as an Astarte device, interpreting the key as <realm>/<device_id>/<interface><path>.

The devices are dynamically registered when their device id is first seens. Credentials secret obtained with the registration are stored in the chosen CredentialsStorage.

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Starts the DynamicVirtualDevicePool.

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@spec start_link(options) :: GenServer.on_start()
when options: [option],
       {:pairing_url, pairing_url :: String.t()}
       | {:pairing_jwt_map,
          pairing_jwt_map :: %{
            optional(realm :: String.t()) => jwt :: String.t()
       | {:interface_provider, {module(), term()} | String.t()}
       | {:ignore_ssl_errors, ignore_ssl_errors :: boolean()}
       | {:credentials_storage, credentials_storage :: module()}

Starts the DynamicVirtualDevicePool.



  • :pairing_url (required) - base URL of the Astarte Pairing API instance the devices will connect to, e.g. or http://localhost:4003 for a local installation. URL containing the API version suffix (i.e. /v1) are deprecated and will be removed in a future release.
  • :pairing_jwt_map (required) - A map in the form %{realm_name => jwt} where jwt must be a JWT with the authorizations needed to register a device in that realm.
  • :interface_provider (required) - The interface_provider that will be used by the spawned devices.
  • :ignore_ssl_errors - A boolean to indicate wether devices have to ignore SSL errors when connecting to the broker. Defaults to false.
  • :credentials_storage - The module used to store and fetch credentials secrets. Defaults to DETSCredentialsStorage.
  • :pairing_agent - The module used to register the devices. Defaults to Astarte.API.Pairing.Agent