Astarte.Flow.Blocks.Container (astarte_flow v0.1.0)

This is a producer_consumer block that sends messages to a Docker container.

Messages are sent and received via AMQP.

The block will manage the creation of the Container in a Kubernetes cluster using the Astarte Kubernetes Operator.

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@spec start_link(options) :: GenServer.on_start()
when options: [option],
       {:id, String.t()}
       | {:image, String.t()}
       | {:type, :producer | :consumer | :producer_consumer}
       | {:config, map()}
       | {:prefetch_count, non_neg_integer()}
       | {:connection, keyword()}
       | {:amqp_client, module()}

Starts the Container block.



  • :id (required) - The id of the block, it has to be unique between all container blocks.
  • :image (required) - The tag of the docker image that will be used by the block.
  • :config - The Flow configuration that will be passed to the container.
  • :connection - A keyword list containing the options that will be passed to Defaults to [].
  • :image_pull_secrets - An array of strings, representing the name of K8s secrets that will be used by the Pod created by the container block. This is needed if your image is pulled from a private container registry.
  • :prefetch_count - The prefetch count of the AMQP channel. Defaults to 100.
  • :amqp_client - A module that implements the Astarte.Flow.Blocks.Container.AMQPClient behaviour and that will be used to connect to AMQP. Defaults to Astarte.Flow.Blocks.Container.RabbitMQClient